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I've not got a page about buggying since really I have nothing to add over what you might find else where, however I've included this page with a couple of photo's of my Trident (or at least the current one).

The Trident is a hybrid kite designed by Paul Watson and offers incredible performance for very little effort or expense. I made my first one from K42 scraps in 3 evenings, including bridling.

I think it's a really nice kite but be warned that it is not a beginner friendly kite. You fly hybrids with the brakes on (the technique is slightly more subtle but thats not what were here for) - if I flew my first Trident in gusty wind it would occasionally stall, fall back towards mid window then power up very suddenly. As a result it used to pop me out of the buggy like a cork some days :-) That warning aside these kites are very responsive and give much better feedback that a C-Quad, which feel mushy after a Trident. So if you fancy a real buzz try one!

This is my current Trident. Construction is 6mm Espilon carbon tube spines, 5mm fibreglass leading edge and a Chikara sail. Click on the thumbs for a larger view. BTW I know i 'spoiled' the repeating pattern with the purple panel :-) I Like assymetric kites since I know without looking properly which way up they are.

Unfortunately Andy Smith's page with the Trident plan has gone and I don't know how to get in touch with Paul Watson any more.

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