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6th August 2010:

Put a mugshot on the about page
Added another kite to the gallery

6th Feb 2010:

Uploaded a pdf copy of Mark Cotrell's Swept Wing Stunt kites (with permission from author), link on kite design page

19th April 2008:

Updated bridle page with photos of knots
Added another kite to the gallery

21st March 2008:

Added Chris Taylor's dxf Thornback plans (and pdfs of them) where the panels are seperated and seam allowances included.
Also added that I've reframed the Thornback with P200s

25th September 2007:

Added some photos to galleries

24th September 2007:

Added some notes on tuning to the bridle page

28th August 2006:

Added links to FlyingWolfs detailed Thornback building pages on the plan page (this is long overdue, sorry Hans).

12th May 2006:

Added an Excel spreadsheet version of the Thornback plan. Thanks Maustie for that and sorry åbout taking a while to add it to the site.
Finally changed the text on the front page. Not really sure what to put there...

1st May 2006:

Added a video clip of the Thornback to the Thornback plan page and building gallery.
Added some more photos of peoples Thornbacks to the gallery

23rd Feb 2006:

I've just seen the first instance of parts of this site being copied elsewhere. I've no objection to that so long as it remains free and doesn't get passed off as someone elses work so I've put this site under the creative commons licence, see the link in the footer.
In a nutshell,

  • You can use anything here so long as you attibute the original work to me.
  • You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
  • If you build upon this work, please share your work free of charge too.

4th Jan 2006: Gallery Updated

Hehe, so much for a news page! I've been forgetting to update this page. Anyhow I've been adding pictures to the gallery of kites people have made from my plans.

3rd May 2005: New gallery added

Added a gallery of kites people have built from my plans to the Kite Making section. First in is a Thornback by Achim Baues.

24th Apr 2005: Changes to the Thornback plan page

Added diagram of a 3 point static bridle for the Thornback

20th Apr 2005: Changes to the design page

More on standoff positions including effects on backspins and French style dual standoffs.

18th Apr 2005: Mostly Thornback and Acara:

Most of my recent additions have been to the Thornback and Acara pages

  • Plans in PDF, DXF and Vectorworks ivery kindly supplied by Erik Recke (Datenland)
  • Build details added for these kites.
  • Some work on bridle page
29th Mar 2005: Rewrite continuing:

Since the last entry here I have been steadily updating most of the pages on this site

  • Plans for all kites added, all in different stages of completeness at the moment
  • Quite a lot of progress on From Scratch page
10th Feb 2005: Complete rewrite of old site:
  • New layout and menu system based on the examples in the Template Toolkit 'Badger' book
  • Added a couple of new kites to the blue fish pages
  • Updates to the kite design pages
  • Started work on the From Scratch pages
  • New sections to include plans for the kites I've designed
  • Dropped some uninteresting stuff

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