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If you have any comments on this site you can email me at ian@ourshack.com


Mainly because in the heyday of rec.kites lots of people would post questions about sport kite design. Often the same questions would come up again and again so as I got into designing my own kites I started to write down what I learned.


The site was created using Vim and Andy Wardley's excellent Template Toolkit. It is hosted on Ourshack.
The menuing system is cribbed more or less straight from the examples in the Perl Template Toolkit 'Badger Book' so a big thank you to the authors, especially abw for the menuing system in the examples.


About Me: late forties, a bit overweight and balding fast. Wife and two kids. I work as an IT Manager but for fun I fly sportkites, make kites, I kitebuggy, I'm a born again skateboarder, mess around with old computers and I ride motorbikes.

Since there appears to be lots of photos of 'Ian Newham' but all other people, here's a pretty awful mugshot of me from some marketing photo's we had done at work *cringe*

I flew my first kites as a kid, forgot all about it until the the late eighties when I got a 2-line diamond stunter while on holiday with my Wife. I messed around with this every time I went to the beach until I got a Brookite delta sport kite around 1994. Then in 1995(?) I got my first serious sportkite, a Flexifoil Psycho and became hooked on the things...

What can I do with it?

I've just seen the first instance of parts of this site being copied elsewhere. I've no objection to that so long as it remains free and doesn't get passed off as someone elses work so I've put this site under the creative commons licence, see the link in the footer.
In a nutshell,

  • You can use anything here so long as you attibute the original work to me.
  • You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
  • If you build upon this work, please share your work free of charge too.

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