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I was looking for a particular kite, something I could use for flying pairs, something I could envisage in my mind but which I couldn't find in the shops. In the end I designed my own, the Acara. The Acara and subsequntly, Ram surpassed all expectations. The Acara has been so well recieved that I've been making them to order for friends.
Since then I've designed a few more too.

Why Blue Fish

Choosing a name for a kite is more difficult than you might think. Once you find one that works, it's easier to think of another in the same vein and some kitemakers do use themes when naming their kites: I chose fish. The Blue Fish Kite Co. was a joke stemming from a conversation with a friend, but it's a useful way to collectively refer to a collection of designs stemming from the Acara (there are some more in the pipeline too.)

What's an Acara

It's a New World Cichlid, or to put it another way it's a nice blue spotty fish that was in my aquarium, sadly it eventually died but not before eating just about everything else that ever lived in the tank! For those who have asked but would like to see, here's a Blue Acara...

Other fish fishy names explained

  • Ram is the common name of another fish, again a Cichlid. It's definitely nothing to do with sheep, computers or Derby.
  • Manta because it was big and black with white bits.
  • Stingray, I chose that name because my son walked in with a toy stingray while I was sewing it.
  • Thornback is another name for a Skate. I started designing this kite while I was recovering from breaking my leg while skateboarding...

OK, OK, thats enough fish!

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